New productions by Semper and Ojasoo

Theatre NO99 has gone into rehearsals with two new productions that both premiered on the same day in December - NO33 Hysteria and NO32 The Kindly Ones. Directed by Ene-Liis Semper, NO33 Hysteria looks into the intoxicating effect brought about by the overflow of information and emotion. Directed by Tiit Ojasoo, NO32 The Kindly Ones takes on the infamous novel by Jonathan Littell and the true scale on which human morality should be measured. 

film "ash and money" in RIGA

Film "NO55 Ash and Money" based on production "Unified Estonian Assembly" presented at LATEST festival (Estonian Contemporary Art Festival) in Riga (Latvia). The festival celebrates Estonia’s 100th anniversary by presenting the new artistic generation.

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europe theatre prize for NO99

Theatre NO99 has been awarded Europe Theatre Prize for New Theatrical Realities. This prize, supported by the European Comission, points out theatremakers that have with their work made considerable contributions to the development of contemporary performing arts in Europe.