New production by tiit ojasoo

"NO30 Ship of Fools", a play by the Estonian writer Juhan Smuul, is a witty, epic and archetypal story about people who always sail away from their home, always so as to arrive home. 
The first premiere of next season is directed by Tiit Ojasoo and will premiere on September 1st 2018.
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Theatre NO99 on tour in summer

NO99 will be on tour with three of it's productions in summer. On June Ene-Liis Semper's and Tiit Ojasoo's production NO34 Revolution will play at Festival TheATRIUM along with productions by Oškaras Koršunovas and Michał Borczuch. On June NO43 Filth will play at Theater Freiburg in the framework of Freiburg Festival along with artists such as Christine Jatahy, Laila Soliman as well as companies such as Berlin and Peeping Tom. In July NO36 Dreamers will be performing at Baltoscandal Festival along with Jereome Bel, Forced Entertainment, Ivo Dimchev, Wauhaus etc. Read more

"no36 dreamers" at baltoscandal

On July 6/7 NO36 The Dreamers, directed by Juhan Ulfsak, will be presented at Baltoscandal Festival alongside works by Jérôme Bel, Joris Lacoste, Marie-Caroline Hominal, Markus Öhrn and others. Festival takes place in Rakvere, Estonia.

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europe theatre prize to NO99

Theatre NO99 has been awarded Europe Theatre Prize for New Theatrical Realities. This prize, supported by the European Comission, points out theatremakers that have with their work made considerable contributions to the development of contemporary performing arts in Europe.