New production by tiit ojasoo: NO29 Hard to be a god

Should one intervene into the direction a society is developing? Should one „take arms against the sea of troubles” or let things just blunder along? Who has the right to intervene, for what cause and how strongly? Can the inevitable violence of intervening ever be justified?

Tiit Ojasoo's new production "NO29 Hard to be a God" is based on the eponymous short novel by the science-fiction classics Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

We just went into rehearsals. Premiere on November 24, 2018.

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NO99 in Warsaw and prague

On October 12, Theatre NO99 will present "NO43 Filth"at Teatr Nowy in Warsaw and on October 19 "NO34 Revolution" at Palm Off Fest in Prague.

European theatre prize for NO99

Theatre NO99 has been awarded Europe Theatre Prize for New Theatrical Realities. This prize, supported by the European Comission, points out theatremakers that have with their work made considerable contributions to the development of contemporary performing arts in Europe.

performances with translation

We play also "NO30 Kihnu Jõnn" with English subtitles. Please check our calendar section to see the suitable dates. If the date isn't ok for you, please come anyway and ask for the translation on paper from the box office. We have it there ready for you.