Theatre NO99
Sakala 3
10141 Tallinn, Estonia
E-mail: no99[ät]
Phone +372 660 5051

Legal name SA Teater NO99
Registration number 90011088

Ticket office and Cafe are open from Monday to Saturday 12am - 11pm. Kitchen is open from 12 till one hour before closing the cafe.

 Phone +372 660 5051

Phone +372 660 5051                                                          
E-mail: piletid[ät]

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Bicycles can be parked either outside to the bicycle stand or to the bicycle storage inside to the entrance hall. Cars can be parked to the parking lot located behind the theater. Entrance from the Kentmanni street. Parking lot opens at 5.30 pm and is closed after closing the cafe. Parking is free for the theatre and cafe visitors. Note! Do not leave your car in front of the house, to the parking spaces of the Estonian Defence Ministry (also Sakala 3). Tallinn Transport Authorities will tow them away.