hope freezes

Russians in the Baltics. Numerous articles have been written about it, conferences have been organized, PhDs earned, online commentaries written. Polls have been conducted, graphics prepared, memos, white papers, visions, road maps. It has been discussed on the radio and in TV-shows, argued over behind party tables and in smoking rooms. There's been fascination, fear, confusion, joy, hope. Emotions won't subside, questions won't go away and in the middle of it all – all these people themselves: everybody on their own, in first person, metaphors in flesh and blood.

When we were planning Vladislavs Nastavshevsi previous production, he said that he's interested in epigram as form, human life summed up in twenty seconds. From there it was a logical step to Mats Traat's "Harala Life Stories“ and Nastavshevs' production "NO49 The Truth I've Been Longing For“ that was born out of it. It blended human tragedy with absurdist slapstick. Now he makes a step further - he directs his own life, episodes of it. He - a Latvian, a Russian, an Eastern European, an Euroslav with a granny from Tverskaya Oblast.

Director and Set Designer Vladislavs Nastavševs
Dramaturg Laur Kaunissaare

On stage Marika Vaarik, Gert Raudsep, Ragnar Uustal and as a guest, Tambet Tuisk

Premiere March 12, 2016 at Theatre NO99